Hello, my name is Crystal. I have always had a love for photos. When my son was born I decided I would try taking his photos by myself using my father-in-law's very nice camera. I really didn't know too much about photography at that time, but I do believe I've come along way since then. My husband bought me my own camera about 6 years ago (I'm a nikon girl). I have continued taking pictures and learning new things throughout the years. I became very serious about taking pictures about 3 years ago. My family and friends had been encouraging me for quite some time to venture out more and start my own business. I have a strong passion for photography and truly enjoy it! There is a lot of hard work that goes into each photo session, but I love seeing me clients so happy and satisfied when they see their photos. I have been very blessed and pray that I get to continue this journey for a very long time!